Together, we can disrupt the way data is used.

We may not be able to control how our data is collected, but by creating misleadingly meaningless data, we can make ourselves un-analyzeable.  Doing so can help us to:

  • Escape the filter bubble
  • Avoid being targeted with effective manipulation techniques
  • Take back, and use, the power of our data.

A flood of meaningless data

When we all use Noiszy, we can create a flood of meaningless data.  Imagine the power this can have.  One user's digital noise helps obscure that single person, but a population's digital noise can completely obscure the underlying data's meaning.  

Imagine listening to someone talk from around a corner in a quiet library.  They speak softly, and you can't see them, but the quiet setting makes it possible to understand almost everything.  Now imagine the same scenario in a crowded restaurant.  The ambient noise makes it virtually impossible to hear what's being said.

The great thing about that analogy is that, in either case, you're free to directly approach the speaker and talk with him or her - and companies can do that with us, too.  Sharing our data should be like engaging in a conversation - a willing and conscious decision.

Let's use our data for good

If the power of our collective digital noise is harnessed and used judiciously, we can affect change.  We can create an environment where responsible data collection and usage are held as standards of doing good business, and where data ethics are considered and promoted at all points along the digital journey.