You are being tracked.

Whatever you do online, you leave digital tracks behind.

These digital footprints are used to market to you - and to influence your thinking and behavior.

On April 3, President Donald Trump signed a repeal of online privacy rules
that would have limited the ability of ISPs to share or sell customers' browsing history for advertising purposes
Erasing these footprints - or not leaving them in the first place - is becoming more difficult, and less effective.

Hiding from data collection isn't working.

Instead, we can make our collected data less actionable by leaving misleading tracks, camouflaging our true behavior.

We can resist being manipulated by making ourselves harder to analyze - both individually, and collectively.

We can take back the power of our data.

Introducing Noiszy

Noiszy is a browser plugin that creates meaningless web data - digital "noise."

It visits and navigates around websites, from within your browser, leaving misleading digital footprints around the internet.  Noiszy only visits a list of sites that you approve, and only works when you turn it on.  Run Noiszy in the background while you're working, or start Noiszy when you're not using your browser, and it sends meaningless data to these sites for as long as you let it run.

This meaningless data dilutes the significance of your "real" data, by creating a campaign of misinformation.  You become more difficult for an algorithm to understand, market to, or manipulate.  You can outsmart the "filter bubble".

Good for one, good for all

Using Noiszy camouflages your personal behavior online, making you less susceptible to remarketing & the filter bubble.

But when we all use Noiszy, there is a much bigger impact: 
online data as a whole becomes less meaningful, and therefore less exploitable.  Companies and organizations lose the ability to "figure us out."


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