Noiszy 2.0 is live - add your own sites!

Just in time for the #MarchForScience, I'm excited to announce that Noiszy 2.0 is now available in the Chrome Web Store.

The big addition in 2.0 is custom sites - you can now add your own sites for Noiszy to navigate.  In addition, the list of default sites has been updated and expanded.  It's worth reading about how default sites are chosen, and how to choose custom sites.

A few more new features are also included:

  • The time between pageviews has been further randomized, making Noiszy traffic more difficult to discern or filter.
  • An option exists to "Try to avoid live streams" - when this is checked, we attempt to avoid clicking on live stream links.
  • Site management capabilities.

Coming next: a Firefox version.  Thanks for your support!