Noiszy is currently available as a plugin for Chrome.  To install, click "Get the Plugin" and then "Add to Chrome".  Follow the prompts to complete installation.

A Firefox version of Noiszy is in the works - now that Noiszy 2.0's features are available, that's next on the list.

Using noiszy

Noiszy works within a browser tab.  To use Noiszy:

  1. Open a new tab.
  2. Click the Noiszy icon.
  3. Review & customize the list of sites.
    By default, Noiszy works with a list of major news sites.  You can also add your own custom sites.
  4. Click Start.
    Noiszy randomly chooses from your enabled sites.  Then, every minute or so, it randomly chooses and clicks on a link within the current page, choosing only onsite links that don't open new windows.  These randomized time delays make Noiszy web traffic appear more real and engaged.  After about 2-5 onsite clicks, Noiszy randomly chooses another site from the list, and repeats the process.  This continues, even when the tab is in the background, until you close the tab or click Stop.
  5. When you want Noiszy to stop, just close the tab or click Stop.


For support, please reach out at our Contact page.  We're very interested in feature requests and feedback!